Stop Smoking

When you visit Evanesce we will discuss your smoking behaviour and motivation level. The treatment itself is completely safe and painless.

When you smoke, nicotine enters your blood system and is responsible for the increased production of endorphins. During smoking the endorphin levels increase and after approximately 30 minutes endorphin levels are back to normal. Because your body is use to higher levels of endorphins it requires nicotine to produce new endorphins.

Therefore nicotine addiction is a physical dependence. It causes a faster heartbeat and a release of adrenaline. A smoker is therefore continuously under pressure to smoke. Many people see smoking as a way of relieving stress, but it is really just satisfying the physical addiction.

The Cold Laser stimulates the appropriate pressure points which are connected to endorphin releasing organs. The treatment reverses the chemical changes that nicotine has caused in your system. The need for endorphin and nicotine will be regulated and the physical addiction reduced to a minimum.

Cold laser Therapy has been proven effective in reducing or eliminating the physical addiction of nicotine in up to 90% of patients treated.

  • Your laser treatment will also stimulate metabolism which regulates body weight. This helps overcome the weight gain many people experience.

  • Secondly, we will also stimulate several relaxation points so you won't experience the normal withdrawal and anxiety symptoms associated to quitting smoking.

  • Thirdly we will include some of the appetite suppression points so you do not transfer your addiction to food.

The message is clear.... it is never too late to QUIT SMOKING! The sooner you quit the better, but even quitting after many years of smoking will result in a longer, healthier life.

Initial Treatment: $300.00 for 2 sessions
(includes stimulating metabolism and appetite suppression points)

             $100.00 per maintenance treatment if needed.

Financing Available

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