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Treatments That Focus On A Sense Of Union”...

Each of our facial treatments features the distinctive DECLÉOR style:
• a welcoming back massage, introduction to all face and body treatments
• AROMATIC MASSAGE RITUAL with DECLÉOR AROMESSENCE™ (Aroma pressure, Aroma drainage, Aroma massage)
• an arm and hand massage, all of this during a tailor-made treatment

Aroma Facial                              60 min.. - $65.00

Aroma Facial is a treatment devoted to massage that aims to provide both pleasure and relaxation.

This original treatment combines the benefits of massage with the warm textures of oils and balms – 100% natural Aromatherapy products.

This unique and indulgent treatment is a very contemporary response focused on: “Well-being” and “Relaxation” to ensure comfort, relaxation and replenishment.

Essential –All skin types
Purify – Combination and oily skin
Nourish – Dry skin
Soothe – Sensitive skin
Lift- Mature skin

Aroma-Expert                                                      90 min. - $90.00

There are five Precision Treatments, each one providing an expert and tailored response to each skin type. This treatment will also include extractions as necessary.

These treatments draw on the power of an Aroma Facial, and a concentrate of specific powerful active ingredients to act deep down and guarantee optimum targeted performance.

You'll notice a difference after the very first treatment

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