Cold Laser Therapy

(L)ight (A)mplification by (S)timulated (E)mmission of (R)adiation or LASER beams have been used for several years. This is often described as biostimulation of energy on meridian points. It is similar to acupuncture meridian points, but with Cold Laser Therapy there is no pain or even heat involved; it is entirely painless.


The Cold Laser produces a light beam of high wavelength and low energy. The Cold Laser does not burn; it is no more powerful than a 60 watt light bulb. Laser is the most modern form of therapy for a multitude of health, well being and beauty treatments.

The Cold Laser (infrared) is painless and only stimulates acupuncture and trigger points.
Therapy using Cold Laser is usually effective in only one treatment for nicotine addiction.....BUT you must want to quit smoking. Diet and withdrawal points are included in the stop smoking treatment.

Separate weight control treatment is available. Separate pain and stress relief treatment is available.
 Although very well tolerated and pain free, a possible side effect for some people is drowsiness and perhaps some light headedness. If this does occur it is cautioned that you do not drive until the feeling passes.

             Cold Laser Therapy can help you live a healthier life.


Recommended Protocol  

Minimum 3 Treatments Done Weekly

Stop Smoking - 3 Treatments $ 300.00
Weight Loss - 3 Treatments $ 300.00

Subsequent treatments $100 ea


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